Social Distance Tracing Identity


ASTRID provides an end-to-end social distance tracing and monitoring solution with searchable contact data for environments where social distancing alone is not enough. We design universal contact tracing for clients in all corporate and government industries.



With the move to Level 1 of the South African National Lockdown, most sectors and economies are opening for operation and will be required to be accountable for individuals who work in these environments.


We have designed a universal contact tracing for employees, clients and service providers in all corporate and government industries. These include but are not limited to:

 - Offices and residential buildings

 - Construction sites and factories

 - Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, assisted living areas and labs

 - Mines, farms and warehouses

 - Airports and all transit infrastructure Environments


How ASTRID works?


ASTRID is designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic. Our system consists of a wristband or tag which a person wears and this is linked to their record. When they are too close to another person based on distance and time, the band flashes and a record of the encounter is stored on the database. The time and distance are user defined parameters which are set at 2 meters and 10 minutes by default. These parameters can be adjusted as per client’s needs.


The benefits of ASTRID

The solution is Bluetooth based with long battery life wearable items that mitigate possible risks related to using smartphone apps including privacy and security breaches, battery failure or disabling and not being universally adopted.


ASTRID traces contact anonymously between facility occupants through badges, wristbands and keyrings. Data remains anonymous and unused unless a COVID-19 diagnosis is received.


Our solution provides long range network nodes for secure data backhaul, thereby creating a historic database of contact events on location. 


ASTRID differs from other solutions in the market due to ease of use as no phone is required for it to function. Tracing is done in the designated workplace only and no personal information is captured.