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                     We Understand the Complex Demographics of the Continent and the Complexities    of it’s Markets and Regulatory Structures.

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The evolution of the payments industry continues to be driven by changes in technology and customer behavior. We work with clients to help them keep pace and capture the opportunities inherent in this shifting landscape..

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The evolution of payments has spanned centuries. From the barter system where people traded goods and services for other goods and services as a means of payment to the use of coins and paper money, we are seeing the payments evolve to become more instantaneous and efficient, without the need for any physical exchange or storage.

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Have your team develop a good foundation knowledge of electronic and digital payments. Our online payments training course has been developed to give a sound understanding of all facets covering the payments environment and ecosystem. This stands the regulatory environment, compliances, traditional and new method of payments, products and payments channels. Accompanies by local a nd international payment trends. .

about us

Founded in 2010, Transact Connect (Pty) Ltd is a private company providing Business Advisory, Electronic Payments, Information Technology expertise and various Training programs in various disciplines to Financial Institutions, Retail Houses, Corporate Sector and Government Agencies including Central Banks. Based in Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa, we provide our services across the African Continent.

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Transact Connect undertakes to work with the client, creating a platform to enter into a trusted, collaborative relationship.

In our experience of conducting similar assignments to the diverse markets, particularly in Africa, this context has a profound impact on the approach that is utilised to form a team of stakeholders whose expertise may differ, but whose objectives remain identical, that is, to build a service delivery platform that can be measured against real delivery, cost effective solutions and customer satisfaction .

Transact Connect is led by an African that understands the complex demographics of the Continent and the complexities of it’s markets and regulatory structures. Backed by after sales support, Transact Connect and its strategic partners are at the cutting edge of Business Advisory, Information Technology, Research and Development Modelling, Training and Global Electronic Payment Solutions.

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our services

With over 30 years of business and electronic payment expertise across Europe, Middle East and African markets, our services include: .

electronic payments consulting

With over 35 years experience in the payments industry, we are able to assist in the development of your payments strategies, innovative solutions that will respond to an ever-changing payments landscape. We work with banks, retail, financial services, third party processors, central banks and fintech organisations. Tap into our payments knowledge to bring you more meaningful solutions.

sme business advisory

Businesses particularly need to know they realities of where their business is now, where they can get to, and how they can bridge that gap. Many business owner’s are venturing out into new channels and are looking for advice on how to grow their business, increase their revenue and decrease their outgoing costs. We also focus on economic anticipated trends and how that could influence business strategy and expansion. 

electronic payments MARKET INTELLIGENCE

As a specialist Payment Service Provider, we are uniquely placed to perform and deliver various research publications within the payments environment. The reports are aimed at providing in-country market intelligence of participating financial institutions, their stakeholders and service providers, dealing with regulatory environments, compliance, financial inclusion, detailed environmental scan and digitisation amongst others.

electronic payments training

This is the perfect time for managers and professionals in the sector to gain a foundational knowledge in everything related to digital business in order to achieve the greatest possible results. Our training covers the regulatory environment, compliance, traditional and new / emerging payment products and methods of payment, including all respective payment channels. the program covers both local and international payment trends.

why us

Transact Connect understands the context within which the private and public sector operates, and especially the challenges they face with regard to the effective and efficient delivery of services to their clients and the competitive markets in which these industries operate.

reasons people choose consultry

We are good at what we do, we deliver and we get the intended results. We put a lot of effort into developing relationships with our clients so we can provide meaningful advice, direction, solutions and support. We get to know them as individuals, we learn about their business, their requirements, we understand the sector in which they operate, we get to know what they are comfortable with so we can deliver .

We work on a ‘no surprises’ policy. No unexpected bills. No budget blow-outs. No missed deadlines. No broken promises. No shoddy service..

Our typical client: Do you fit this profile?

We provide practical, down-to-earth solutions that recognises most clients:

Have tight budgets • Want practical advice and solutions

Want experts • Need tangible results. • Want those results yesterday. • Want to work with someone they can trust.

If that sounds like you, give us a call. .

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A strong understanding of the role of technology into bringing about efficiencies to organisations and therefore not only a reduction in operational expenditure, but also ensuring organisations are more competitive. Relatively weak strategies and structures are what prevents organisations from identifying the factors responsible for success, and those that may present challenges, be it technology, business application, employee training or having a solid understanding of the environmental factors it operates within. 

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